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“in the last eight years we answered to more than
16'000 requests with satisfaction”

www.erictortella.com is an inexhaustible source of information mostly for Patek Philippe watches, figures and illustrations including over 200'000 identified items, 10’000 references & variations and 30’000 complicated pieces.

Any computable data about Patek Philippe pocket watches, wrist watches, timepieces and accessories. Listing 183 years of the factory horology, movements, calibres, patents, cases, dials, bracelets, observatory contests.
More than 45 years of auctions sifted through, 2'200 catalogues, 260 scholar books and thousands of specialized reviews. About any thing published, exhibited or sold has been registered, most of the time with details, condition reports, retail & market prices.
Always looking to improve the quality of the information and the way to dispatch it, in December 2010 the new www.erictortella.com web-site was launched. Year after year and continuous improvements this web-site confirmed it was the unavoidable tool for experts, professionals, scholars and demanding collectors. After a few evolutions, mainly for the users comfort, the current version presents more than 1700 menu choices and over 15'000 formated documents available.

Now, after 11 years, in Feb./March 2022 we are launching a new website, which will be named www.tortellaandsons.com, even bigger, even faster.
Since 2010, the service is available to the public (payable) and extended to Rolex complicated watches and enamel decorated dials made in Geneva.
www.erictortella.com and www.tortellaandsons are also a neutral and objective observer over the watch market, not trading watches nor possessing any. The main objective is to provide detailed and neutral information for the clients as production data specifics & descriptions, dates & quantity, logical & availability, market report, trend and value.
Prices data go from the latest retail prices back to every year since the model launch, latest market value and year by year over the last 45 years market survey. Thus it is also possible to categorize timepieces with criteria such as: safe & steady value, under/over evaluation, trend potential or weakness, limited production, historical value, etc.
Information about any Patek Philippe found in auction or published has been entered into the database (numbers, description, history, condition and prices).
Inside connections within the watch company are a reliable source for updates.
Close contacts with major auction houses is maintained. 
Market feedback is steadily discussed with top retailers and dealers.
Studies and comments are instantly made about important events in the field.
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