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Interesting dates for 2020

updated  August 7th, 2020 



August   5 Bonhams New Bond Street

  6-13 Sotheby's Online Gva

21 Bonhams New York

28-11 Christie's Online

31-Sep1 IWJG show   to be confirmed Las Vegas

September   1-5 HK fair Hong-Kong

  5 WTA show Münich

  8 Bonhams London, Knightsbridge

10-11 WWT show Daytona Beach, FL

15-18 EPHJ pro show    Geneva Palexpo

22 HK Watch Guild show  to be confirmed Hong Kong

24 Heritage Online USA

29-Oct13 Christie's Online

October 15 HK Watch Guild show  to be confirmed Hong Kong

18 Antiquorum Hong Kong

19 Bonhams New York

19-20 IWJG show   to be confirmed New York, Brooklyn

20 Art Curial Online Only

24 WTA show Münich

31 Monaco Legend Monte Carlo

November 8-9 Antiquorum Geneva

tbd Phillips Geneva

tbd Sotheby's Geneva

tbd Christie's  Geneva

16-17 IWJG show   to be confirmed  Miami

17 Bonhams London, Knightsbridge

24-Dec10 Christie's Online

tbd Phillips  Hong-Kong  

29 Antiquorum  Hong-Kong

30 Christie's Hong-Kong

December 6 Antiquorum Monaco

7-8 IWJG show   to be confirmed Las Vegas

8 Tajan Paris

9 Bonhams New Bond Street

8 Christie's New York

8 Heritage New York

tbd Sotheby's New York

tbd Phillips New York

11-17 Art Curial Online Only

16 HK Watch Guild show to be confirmed Hong Kong




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